Pete Spittler

Pete Spittler, founding principal of GSI Architects and president of Forum Architects, has worked on a variety of award-winning projects over the years, including Severance Hall and the corporate headquarters for the Plain-Dealer. In recent years, Pete Spittler has focused his efforts outside of the United States, working to develop facilities in Brazil and other overseas areas. Part of his overseas work includes a partnership that allows him to work to develop hydroelectric facilities in Brazil.<br /><br />With each project, Pete Spittler works closely with experts to ensure his developments are environmentally-friendly. Pete Spittler uses sustainable materials and responsible building practices to ensure minimum impact to the environment. Recently, Pete Spittler has worked on convention centers, entertainment complexes, and a large redevelopment project on the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie in Cleveland. With each new project, he continues his tradition of creating developments that fulfill today’s needs using the most responsible sustainable business practices possible.