Antonia Kampoures

My channel's function is broadcasting RomeTotal War Mod Online games .I want to draw your attention Total War Mods, online only ,played by my friends , Currently, only me and my friend MichaOfTmolos playing at online .We are not playing outdated, wizened, bad graphic regular RTW , they did not positively change since 2004 and took out frustrate on RTW2. Thanks to Mod designers , at least we were satisfied on this issue <br /> <br />Classical-Age Total War : { include Online } <br />Playable factions: Thraike (Thracians) Pahlava (Parthians) Romani (SPQR) Celtiberi Arverni Seleukoi (Seleucid Empire) Skytho-Sauromatae Pontos (Kingdom of Pontus) Makedon (Macedonians) Arche Bosporos (Bosphoran Kingdom) Boii (Boians) Sweböz (Germans) Senones (Gallic Confederation) Epeiros (Epirus) Arche Ptolemais (Ptolemies Empire) Getai (Getic People) Kart'hadast (Carthage) Illyria Bellovaci (Belgian Tribes) Hayasdan (Armenian Kingdom <br /> <br />Lord of The Rings-LOTR-TW - Total War <br /> <br />Playable factions: { include Online } <br />Gondor Rohan Isengard Mordor Easterlings <br />Haradrim Galadhrim Elves Noldor Elves Silvan Elves Dwarven Clans Orc Rabbles Dunlendings <br />Free Peoples