Paul Clinton

Relaxation videos. Meditation.Hypnosis. To really discover your subconscious mind, enter: <br /> to download many free Hypnotic inductions. The guided meditation trance sessions have been compiled using highly advanced hypnotic tecniques, producing amazing effects such as various trance stages, meditating states, and deep hypnosis. These deep trance effects are used for implanting useful messages into the subconcious mind. The Shamanic Rythms have been produced using a 22" shaman rosewood drum. The cycles are produced using 4.5 beats per second (theta) The Binaural Beats have been blended into the sounds of the ocean waves, running streams, wind, and bird sounds with hypnotic methods such as Overloading, Re-induction, Ericksonian, Mental Confusion, Mental Misdirectioning, Indirect Suggestions, Multiple Sensorial Stimulation, Anchoring, subliminal hypnosis, and many more powerful methods.