ozair rao

am a philosophy evolved on the roots of absolute ambiguity and indulgence in the art form. Being open to criticism is one thing but to harness the essence of absolute perfection with the fruit of creativity to take its course is another. My creative input is infected with the addiction of the all art forms of media domination One needs to adapt to the Global, Technological and the Cultural change of the system, as one becomes a bi-product of it. I have an outgoing personality and a confident manner, am an articulate communicator and have the understanding of Online and Offline Media’s mechanism. I have hosted several shows on television and the web, taken thousand of pictures, traveled and documented the truth, the ultimate reality and life it self. Technically Sound, having hands on experience on SLR Camera’s (Olympus E-300, Canon D-300, Nikon D70), Video Camera’s (Canon XL 1, PD 170, Panasonic NV-GS85), Lighting Equipment (Simpex Pro 600N & Fusion Aurora F300) and professional Post Production Software’s (Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, Abelton, Live, Arkoas,), Online Social Media, Distribution and Research. My passion for life attracted me towards media as a way of being myself. I think something needs to be done rather than just existing. Addicted to observing every character, every situation and everything around me, studying life unconsciously is a habit. A habit where I feel how they would feel and know what they would think. Capturing moments became my passion and traveling and making friends a routine. I believe in providing the best awareness possible for all charity purposes. Together we can fight against child abuse, hunger, homelessness, pollution and negligence and yet have a great time in doing so.