Hey,I'm PaperPepsi. :D <br /><br />Don't ask about the username, blame sakura500000. XD <br /><br />I like Death Note, Naruto, Disney's Hercules, Viva Pinata and Pokemon. I'll rarely do any videos on anything but Death Note and Naruto, though. d: <br /><br />EPS I HAVE: <br /><br />Death Note - 1 <br /> 2 <br /> 10 <br /> 12 <br /><br />...yeah,that's it. D: Sorry. <br /><br />Um, I will,however, make slideshows. c: Except... <br /><br />yeah, I will. <br /><br />Unless it's ShikaTema. >_> <br /><br />That's all. <br /><br />...oh,and je parle le francais. :D