PabzMUSICS (, PabzMiah or Pabz-C Records) is a newly launched community, produced, published & copyrighted by Pabz-C Records. As Promised on, a message typed as: "The work doesn't stop here, the work is still going on by his friends. He announced that one his "Girl-Mate" will be creating a website soon after christmas and carry on." The project of has been launched by PabzMiah along with his "girl-mate" called "Aisha", both decorator, creator and producers of PabzMusics.CO.UK. The domain name: "" was recently purchased by PabzMiah and gave global webmaster authorisation permission to his friend (Aisha) so she can stay upto date with the site and edit anything necassary which are required or non-required. He said: "I will give you the webmaster permissions so you can edit and create new pages/directories at anytime x" sent via a text message.