Owen Bennett

Peace Be ToYou. The Friends Greet You. Greet The Friends, Every One Of Them By Name In 2012. <br />I Owen W Bennett A.K.A St John The Devine Yahya, Embassador And Watchman Is Pleased To Present To You The Only Real, Torha Or Gospol. To Others The Revelation Of Jesus Christ Given Onto Me Owen W Bennett St John The Devine Yahya On The Following Dates. On May 14 2006 At 3:00 Pm East Of Calgary Alberta Canada. On This Date I Was Sent For By The King Of Kings Or God, Allah, Jah, The Alpha And Omega, The Begining And The End Himself. He Sent His Angel Gabriel For Me. He Picked My Up And Brought Me to The Firmament Or Heaven. I Was Brought Before The King Of Kings And His High Council And All Of The Angels. On This Day I Was Appointed A Watchman And Embassador Of Peace. I Have Documented My Incounter With The King Of Kings And His High Council That Was Made Up Of The Following. The Angel Gabriel, He Stands Over Twenty Thousand Feet Tall, He Holds The Scroll In His Right Hand With The Cross. In His Wing Was The Four Living Wheel. And The Four Living Creatures. And Over Four Hundred Ufos That Acompanyed The King Of Kings And The Lord Of Lords Or The Morning Star. This Discription Can Be Found In (The Book Of The Prophet Ezekiel. The prophet's Vishion OF The Devine Glory.) And On Jan 15 2010 At 3:15 Pm In The City Of Calgary Alberta Canada. On This Date, Micheal The Angel Came For Me, He Brought Me To The Firmament Of Heaven. He Showed Me The Battle Between Gods Angels And The Dragon And The Sepent. These are Writen In The Holly Bible In The Revelation To St John Yahya, Revelation Number 20. Word For Word In Detail And Discription. This Is A Clear Warning From The King Of Kings, That The Time Is Near. This is A Calling For All Ungodly Acts, And Wars End At Once, World Peace No More Killing, Its Time To Repent For Our Sins And Heal As A People And A Nation. Lets Prepair For The Return Of The Moring Star In 2012. Peace Be to You. Your's Truly St John The Devine <br />Yahya