Hey there! nice to meet you one and all My Name is OverTheHorizon however you can just refer to me as Cody just a simple husband who loves nothing more then sitting down on a nice spring day and messing around on my acoustic. <br /><br />What can you expect from me? <br />Videos! what else ya know? im a long time Gamer and loved it all my life from my old playstation to modern day consoles it's been in my life forever now and i don't intend to stop ^^. Mostly ill be doing commentaries as i find it the easiest thing to do now what games i do will mostly rely in the "First person shooter genre" but expect something random every now and then. <br /><br />Need to know more? <br />Im a very proud husband of my Beautifull Wife Jamie who's been with me through thick and thin it's crazy how she's still with me but i can't stop loving her and that's plain and simple to the letter. <br /><br />I love music from the 80's name a band from there and more then likely ide enjoy it. I am a born again Christian and ontop of that im just a very calm person who works during the day and is gaming by night.