Oti Brown

It`s Dancing Time Put on your dancing shoes, and let`s go Dancing, a new CD released by Oti Brown. The 11 tracks CD is a mixture of Afro Funk, Afro Jazz, Afro Hip Hop, Afro Calypso, Dance Hall and more, the kind of beat, that you just can't get enough of. <br /><br />Guitarist-bassist-song writer-producer Oti Brown is an African citizen-of-the-world, both in terms of his life journey and musical vocabulary. As a singer, composer and virtuoso instrumentalist, his trademark sound is an esoteric but accessible amalgam of influences from his past and present, an inventively forward-looking yet folklore-based mix that raises spirits while falling smoothly on the ear. <br /><br />Lucky Otitigbe (a.k.a. Oti Brown) was born in Warri Delta State of Nigeria on 17.5.1973. <br /><br />1985, Oti Brown got into music, when his older brother Osaro started taking guitar, bass and singing lessons, and everything he learned, he taught Oti, at that point Oti knew, he wanted to be a musician. <br />In 1986 he joined a music group as a percussionist, 1987 he became the bassist of the group, and since he was the youngest bass player in the city he was giving the nickname “Smally” <br />Oti Brown wasn’t satisfied, just being a bass player, so he learned to play the guitar and improved his singing. <br /><br />