Osorno Records

Newcomer on the indie scene, OSORNO RECORDS is a label launched by Thomas Sandoval former Universal Music A & R.
Founded on the belief that each project must be developed with confidence and time of maturation, convinced that intimacy with an artist allows him to offer the best of his creativity and talent, OSORNO RECORDS aims to enhance the original qualities and every assests of the artists we choose to devellop.
An expertise on the fundamentals of the music industry, completed by an acute awareness of the work in progress of industry and new tools available to artists. OSORNO RECORDS made development its primary concern and emphasizes the principle of requirements rather than editorial inconsistency of too many signatures.
Projects :

Independence is not a word in the air to OSORNO RECORDS. Independence is their creed.

*”Osorno’s volcano nourishes trought it’s ashes, the most fertile ground”

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