Michael Cull.

I was a working musician for most of my adult life, both in a professional and semi-professional role, until 1987 when I realised I needed an occupation which would provide me with a reasonable pension upon retirement. I have not performed in public since then. <br />Sadly it was this change of direction which was to be my downfall, as the pressures which came with the job eventually affected my health thus causing me to take early retirement sometime in 2001. Am I glad of that pension now, even though it is a reduced one! <br />After some cajoling, mostly from friends I decided that while heaving a hefty organ around was totally out of the question, the internet would be a practical place for me to perform again: So here I am. <br />Trying to do a "one-to-one" with just a video camera for company is not easy after being used to working in front of a live audience. With a fag in one hand and a glass in the other, it's a wonder I ever managed to play the bleedin' organ!!! <br />What you will see and hear on my website is just me. There are no tricks or gimmicks involved: no backing tracks, pre-recorded sounds or anything else. It's just me, bum notes, warts and all. <br />I really hope you enjoy the all! <br />Cheers. <br />Mike C.