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Orelse is one of the most upcoming & talented djs & producers in Greece.. .
Armed with the knowledge of sound engineering and music technology begun his journey into sounds and music production. In Myspace the first music footsteps were made nevertheless it’s the only way for new producers to show their work. That wasn’t enough. Soon the positive feedback from the daily viewers on his page gave him the strength to believe that this is just the beginning. With the first release on Musictracx Recordings he has reached 5th position on Djdownload top 100 for 2 weeks and that was only the beginning! As a result many releases and remixes by Greek and international producers came up next. His tracks were getting the attention they deserved and being played by top djs like Paul Van Dyk. His releases never stop and we start counting labels from Bonzai Music, Coraza Recordings, Lad Music, Reticent Recordings and many many others.
Having gained the positive feedback for his tracks, from the music places of Athens, all clubs were willing to give him his night so he could make the new intrude in house music. From now and then he always shows us that the touch with your crowd is a gift and not a strategy that these last years are used to see. Radio stations very soon recognize his talent and offer him to present his own radio shows. We will listen to him on Free Radio and other radio stations as house music is a music wave and not just a fashion for the whole country.

If you think that all these things are made through many years, I will surprise you because Orelse’s action is counted only for two years. What else can we wish for such a talented person, other than keep going!!







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