Biography & Style<br /><br />In the middle of the 19th Century, in a dark haunted theater in the center of Paris, Tenorman performed the Phantom of the Opera & Voodoo Drummer played percussion in the orchestra. The show was a failure!!<br /><br />So then they created OPERA CHAOTIQUE and formed a unique show that is more than extraordinary, a Crossover Cabaret combining multiples genres of music, such as Opera, Jazz, Alternative Rock, African Rhythms, Musicals along with prototype compositions, all mixed with narration of stories , dark or comical & improvisations.<br /><br />They made their first performance in May 2011 & already has played successful concerts in the cities of BERLIN, PARIS, BARCELONA, LONDON, ATHENS, BUDAPEST, BUCHAREST & BELGRADE receiving excellent reviews from the European press.<br /><br />"Operatic singer and pianist Tenorman was singing only with big orchestras.The Voodoo Drummer was performing around the world with Jazz bands.Together now, they mixed two dissimilar genres ,Opera & Jazz.Challenging all the stereotypes they created a novel jazz-opera experience in an international Cabaret evening where characters of opera and musical fame found themselves in the streets of New Orleans."<br /><br />(From TIP BERLIN & ΕΧBERLINER, DE)<br /><br />At May 2012 they published the concept album : " Death of the Phantom of the Opera" .