OohChic™ is a new platform launched on a worldwide basis. Berlin, Tokyo, Marrakech, Shanghai, Almaty, Moscow and Vienna are just a few cities that have started with this concept. Five countries started with OohChic™ the last quarter of 2007 as a club concept and in 2008 it was also launched as a corporate event concept. It is tailor-made to the needs of the business-to-business market but still keeping the origins of the concept in tact. In 2009 the concept will be executed in 19 countries. <br /><br />OohChic™ is just a perfect concept for corporate events. With its refreshing look, sound and global approach, it is what today's corporate event needs. <br /><br />The Music style of OohChic™ will be defined by modern dance music with influences of Disco, Funk, Latin and those hits we all want to hear. An energetic sound without forgetting the musical taste of women. OohChic™ is associated with the pure dance sound of Ibiza. <br /><br />Don't just look good, FEEL good! <br /><br />