One Day Removals

Website for Stirton Productions movie One Day Removals, written and directed by Mark Stirton. A very black comedy set in the north east of Scotland.

Andy and Ronnie are removal men. Andy owns the van and Ronnie lifts the heavy stuff. They have been doing this job for several years and nothing interesting has ever happened. That is, until the events of 'One Day Removals' start to unfold.

One Day Removals premiered at the 2008 Raindance Festival and has received a nomination for a British Independent Film Award. Movie to screen at Edmonton Film Festival September 30th 2010.


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5 years ago by Film Tiki
One Day Removals
The DVD for One Day Removals is now on sale. All new edit in beefy anamorphic widescreen. Hit Banner above for more details.
5 years ago by One Day Removals
no worries and thanks for being KOOL
6 years ago by CC SOUND FACTORY
One Day Removals
Thanks Graham, you're right though they would need pretty big balls. In talks with US agent just now, so that doesn't say much for British distribution companies.
6 years ago by One Day Removals

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