Ofrachai is Hebrew and means 'Ofra Alive'.<br /><br />The Channel Avatar is the front page of Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel's largest newspaper, on 18 Adar I 5760 (Thursday, February 24, 2000). The headline:<br /><br /> עפרה חזה: סוף המאבק<br /><br />(OFRA HAZA: END OF THE STRUGGLE)<br /><br />Ofrachai offers the music and videos of the late Ofra Haza z"l (25 Cheshvan 5718 - 18 Adar I 5760) (November 19, 1957 - February 23, 2000) and, in addition, the music and videos of the other Israeli singers who performed at Pa'amoney Hayovel (Jubilee Bells) in Jerusalem in 1998, and the music and videos of the Israeli singers who paid tribute to Ofra on Shishi Bataverna (Friday At The Taverna) in 2001 and at Sharim Ofra (Singing Ofra) in Tel Aviv in 2002.<br /><br />Ofrachai celebrates Ofra's extraordinary life and mourns her incomprehensible death and, in addition, remembers the iconic Israeli composers whose masterpieces she performed who also have died, Naomi Shemer z"l and Ehud Manor z"l.<br /><br />May her memory be for a blessing.