Katie Fleming

York, United States
Obviously I'm obsessed with wrestling, but I like other things to. I like music, but really who dosn't? Everyone has their own tastes personally I give everything a chance. Miley Cyrus is a bad person, but some of her older stuff is pretty good. Simple Plan and The Higher are good bands, I like a lot of their songs. In terms of movies I'm very picky, Romantic Comedys are almost always bad, but not always. I couldn't tell you what my favorite movie is, cuz honestly it would be way to complecated to choose. TV? For the most part I only use any TV's to watch wrestling on. I like dancing, singing, drawing, and just art in general. So that pretty much sums up me. If you wanna contact me I have a facebook, I have a twitter, I have a youtube, and I have a livejournal =)