Bien avant d’intégrer la collection photographique du Patrimoine Français en 2010,Franck Glenisson est repérée par la légendaire rédactrice de mode et mentor d’Alexander Mc Queen, Isabella Blow qui lui confie les portraits de l’Aristocratie anglaise pour le Tatler UK.Peter Beard,visionnaire également sélectionnera son éditorial de mode époustouflant mettant en scène le "coming out" de l'handicap du modèle Mario Galla, « Beyond my eyes,my muscles ‘ll survive » pour l’édition 2010 du Wall For.<br /><br />Franck Glenisson is a French photographer,film and art director currently living between Paris and New York. <br />During his childhood in the center of France, he learned the art of make up using his grandmother as a model on Wednesdays when there was no school. She was his first Muse! <br />At 21, he moved to Paris to study photography and cinema... at the French School of Arts and Technology. He was soon discovered by Isabella Blow and Kamel Belkacemi who comissioned him to do portraits of the young English Aristocracy for Tatler Uk magazine. <br />In 2000, he decided to create a new concept of Fashion editorials, "The Stories". <br />Since then he has undertaken the role of art director and producer of these panoramic and cinematographic visions of fashion, where each editorial represents a new concept that engenders a new hero and his never ending story; a new vision of the beauty and violence of our society. <br />In October 2010, his work enter into the French Photography Patrimony. <br />In January 2011, his 3D concept,"Requiem nostram", launch on iqons.com to celebrate openning of French Haute Couture week will also be remembered as the comeback of Helmut Newton's past Muse Sylvia Gobbel and the transexual and underground icon of "Wilde side" (Best Actress Michel Simon Award), Stéphanie Michelini.