Orange County Carpet & Rug Cleaners<br /><br />Orange County Carpet & Rug Cleaners is a professional carpet cleaning company that only uses a residue free carpet cleaning formula to clean your carpets. We uses what the top two carpet manufacturers rec amend which is deep steam extraction to professionally clean your carpets. Our system is a powerful van mounted carpet cleaning machine to remove all your spots and stains in your carpets.<br /><br />Our residue free deep steam cleaning extraction system is aggressive towards stains, spots and dirt in your carpet while leaving no soapy residue in your carpet so your carpets feel soft and clean. <br /><br />Our carpet cleaning system heats the water to a 230 degree dry steam so your carpet is not over wet so your carpets dry in hours and not in days. The high temp steam will kill the bacteria in your carpet so it is nice and clean for your whole family.