Theodore J. Kushner

O-BeaR-O (õberèõ) adj. <br />1. The manifestation of modern art. An uplifting feeling when one is in the process of creation. <br />2. Expressing a quality thought of apart from any particular or material object [beauty is an obearo word] <br />3. Abstruse and theoretical. [Synonyms] ABSTRACT, ARTISTIC <br />4. Manifesting humor with art. [The man was so OBeaRO on stage, every one peed their pants]. <br /> 5. Slang for brilliant. <br /><br /> <br /><br />11/13/07 <br /><br />The first O-BeaR-O memo <br /><br />O-BeaR-O should be used for good-- not evil. <br />This is where good guys and girls finish first. I like to think of O-BeaR-O as more of a family than a corporation. I need my family and friends where as the majority of the people in other production companies may not get along. There’s a side of art that the world is missing and its O-BeaR-O’s Job to bring tomorrows artists to the world. <br /><br />O-BeaR-O is a family. <br />It is a network, a collaboration of family, friends, and anyone else who wants to be a part of our new movement. Even if you have a production name, company, or business, O-BeaR-O can still help you. In the end we will all be better working together rather than against each other. <br /> Any form of art is welcome: Music, Time lapse, Micro- Photography, Light Painting, Web Design, Cooking, Acting, Etc. can all help O-BeaR-O grow into something beyond our own dreams. Successful or starving we are still in the same boat. <br />Collaboration and Communication will be our ultimate key to success. <br /><br />