There's a sunny side to the Florida West Coast community and its name is Tampa Bay. Or "Sticks of Fire", which is the original name the Native Americans gave it. But, whatever the reason you travel here, once you're here you quickly realize that this area is Nothing Typical! I think this is one of the main reasons the Tampa Bay area is a true hot spot among the worlds destinations. <br /><br />NOTHING about the Tampa Bay area is typical. More than anything, we are NOT a particular special interest group, or event, and we do not typify any ONE distinctive place in general. We are unique and one of the fastest growing areas in the U.S. <br /><br />From breakfast at a waterside cafe, a visit to Busch Gardens Africa, a tour of the Florida Aquarium, or taking a streetcar ride to Channelside for shopping, the surrounding cities are lined with fun and so much to do in and around the bay. Go for an Art Walk around historic Ybor City where the Cuban sandwiches are hot and crisp, the cigars are hand-rolled and a place where the Ybor Art Association has one of the longest established arts communities, artist studios, galleries, theater groups and filmmakers for years. <br /><br />Or, how about an afternoon of sporting events throughout the area? You can enjoy a variety of sporting events like watching minor league baseball games, football or hockey and even score a hole-in-one around our myriad golf courses around the bay. Tampa Bay Area is represented by teams in four major professional sports leagues: the NFL, the NHL, Major League Baseball, and the Arena Football League. Three of the teams play in Tampa, while the Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball play in St. Petersburg. <br /><br />Of all the things I can share with you about this wonderful area the one I am most proud of is this, if you want it all and you only want to unpack once, then you come to Tampa Bay, which is definitely.... NOHING TYPICAL!