No Dew Nor Rain

The Honorable James David Manning, PhD calls for No Dew, Nor Rain, an economic boycott in the community of Harlem. <br />It is a call for economic action against banks, developers, landlords, and businesses that have brought economic devastation to the residents of the Harlem community. <br /><br />No Dew, Nor Rain is a biblical statement that ushered in a three and one-half year drought over ancient Israel, I Kings 17:1. This modern No Dew, Nor Rain is a call for the abstaining of spending, purchasing, soliciting, or transferring of any monies to merchants, renders of services, banks, doctors, and lawyers within the Harlem community. Rather, the Harlem residents are encouraged to take their business, spending, and purchasing to other neighborhoods outside the defined borders of Harlem. By abstaining from spending for three and one-half years within the boundaries of 110th to 155th, residents will chase outside businesses and interests away by cutting off their lifeline, their flow of cash. Dr. Manning states the unity of "No Dew, Nor Rain" places unprecedented economic and political power into the hands of the Harlem residents, further, "No Dew, Nor Rain" immediately creates the largest banking and real property voice in the City of New York.