I don't know why this is still here but i am so gratful it is, PLEASE! if ANY ONR reads this , I am asking for prayers, we need them bad, I Know in Our LORDS word, he say where 2 or more are in prayer, i am aksing for prayers not forme , but for my Granddaughter, she was born today ,June28, 07 at2:35 pm , her name is Desirae Reighn, she weighes 6lb2oz, 2 hours after she was born she started having Seizures, and they don't know why, She is in one of the biggest hospitals here in Nashville and being watched by the Best Doctors in the states, She is a little ANGEL,I know I am being selvious, But I am asking the LORD to please let us keep her, make her her well, So please PRAY for her, if you know Jesus he will listen if you don't know him Please learn to know him starting now with prayers For Dezirae! <br />Thank you <br />Always Carmen <br />Her Grandmother! <br />