Nine Winds Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Bollywood is one of the official religions of India. With a cult following of over 1.2 billion people. And in the last few years, these 1.2 billion people have witnessed some of the smartest movie marketing campaigns and music promotions of their lives. <br /><br />Courtesy: A small media and entertainment company situated in the city of Mumbai. Nine Winds Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. <br /><br />Slowly and steadily, with every movie release and with every artist launch, Nine Winds has become synonymous with entertainment in India. <br /><br />What started as a media company, focusing on the concessionaire business, has evolved today to become the one-stop-shop providing solution to every entertainment and media problem. From entertainment marketing to public relations and content syndication, from merchandising to celebrity management, we’ve done it all. And done it well. <br /><br />Using imagination, creativity and energy, our mission is to build and leverage the unparalleled power of our knowledge, understanding, capabilities, relationships and assets to drive revenues for our clients and customers in the areas of media and entertainment. <br /><br />We spot opportunities where there are none to be seen. By offering clients ground-floor access to mediums and content, we create partnership opportunities across a broad range of platforms, helping clients gain traction and visibility in an increasingly cluttered media marketplace. <br /><br />Be it reach, GRPs, opening day collections, artiste expectations, distribution centre priorities or even market positioning, Nine Winds knows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to the business of selling entertainment. <br /><br />Our proprietary medium – entertainment matrixes create the best value for entertainment enterprises and provide the biggest bang for the buck for our clients. <br /><br />Through innovative thinking, constant reinvention and out-of-the-box creative solutions we have acquired the reputation of being the best in the business.