The band sings in duet, however, presumably, Dasha acts as a vocal leader. Nikitin's idea to create such band was being developed for quite some time. One of the versions for the band's name were Sireny and Divas, however when Nikitin found Dasha and Yulia they decided to name it NikitA which is how Nikitin's being called by the two ladies. Nikitin selected Dasha at the Russian-based music project Fabrika Zvezd created by Alla Pugacheva.Yulia was found by Nikitin a little bit later. Kavtaradze prior to NikitA performed for another band "А.Р.М.И.Я" (as Army). She left that band being pregnant and after giving birth Yulia tried for Nikitin's music project.The video director of "Mashyna" was Alexander Filatovich. Choreography for the band composed by Anastasia Snadna who had prior experience in that field in the "А.Р.М.И.Я" (Kavtaradze's former band). The music director of the band is Roman Babenko who writes lyrics and composes music. <br />The group is contracted by the mamamusic music casting company that beside NikitA works with already mentioned "А.Р.М.И.Я" as well as "neAngely" ("НЕАНГЕЛЫ"), Iryna Bilyk, and others. <br /><br />NikitA Group is an expensive sex.