Daughter of Anubis

Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Some Like It Hot, Brother Sun Sister Moon, Passion In The Desert, Interview With The Vampire, Crying Game, Hamlet (Kenneth Branagh's), Life Of Brian, Mr. Frost, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Lost Weekend, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Life On Mars, Merlin, Highlander, Judging Amy<br /><br />Favorite Music: Jason Ricci, Pribojszky Mátyás, Sting, Drew Sarich & International Victim, Thomas Borchert, Manu Chao/Mano Negra, Helmut Lotti, Amr Diab, Tarkan, Michael Bublé, Céline Dion, Daniel Powter, '50s, '60s, '70s, Evergreens, Jazz Oldies, Musicals (especially LESTAT of course!:)<br /><br />Favorite Books: Any book of Baroness Emma Orczy, Anne Rice, Robert Ludlum and Paolo Coelho