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* Course contributors seen on the Food Network, Oprah Winfrey, CBS News and Jeopardy <br /><br />* Learn how to plan tomorrow's weddings today <br /><br />* The innovative, all-video training program taught by top wedding planners and professionals, journalists and authors, and expert entrepreneurs from every field <br /><br />Designed for: <br /><br />1. Aspiring wedding planners who want to launch an exciting new career <br />2. Wedding professionals who want to diversify their existing business <br />3. Couples who want to plan their own wedding with confidence <br /><br />All the basics, plus: <br /><br />* How to plan a green wedding <br />* How to plan a winery wedding <br />* How to plan a same-sex wedding <br />* How to plan a multicultural wedding <br />* How to plan a modest budget wedding