Hi. My name is Callie. <br /> In most of these vids, in the credits you will find the name "xXfullmetalKyoXx". This is/was my YouTube account. I am moving my AMVs here because over half the ones I had on my channel were muted and the last three AMVs I've tried to post on that site have been instantaneously muted as well. This is not conducive for an artistic atmosphere. YouTube is just not what it used to be. So, I'm posting all of my YT vids on this site with the name "xXfullmetalKyoXx" in the credits, and afterwards any AMVs I make will be posted with the name "Nero_sBlueRose" in the credits. <br /><br /> Now that I've finished explaining that, onto my description: <br /> I am a light gamer, mostly action-melee games like Legend of Zelda or Devil May Cry. I like to draw and doodle, and if you follow the link to my "homepage" it will take you to my account page on an art site called DeviantArt. <br /><br /> I am currently aspiring to be a large animal vet, specifically equestrian. I hope to get in with the race-horses in Kentucky and work on them. I am an all-As high school honors student; I enjoy movies, games, books, drawing, hanging out with friends, and being around animals. <br /><br /> Well, I think that's all the generic information a profile needs. <br /> Sorry folks..... not good at writing profiles without turning it into something you'd see on a dating site, heh heh.