Ricardo Davis

About Nerdz [DT]: THE OUTS!DERϞ <br /><br />Nerdz [DT]: The Outsiderz strives to construct a positive and educated atmosphere while simultaneously making a HEAVY IMPACT in the art of dance. NDT is an exhibition team that will train vigorously in the height of excellence until the essential competition level requirements are met. We strive to assemble ourselves to become one of the preeminent dance forces on the east coast subsequently granting Nerdz the respect that it requires. We train our dancers in diverse styles of dance hoping that each member masters as many forms of the dance as possible. In using terms of originality, we plan to present our audience with CREATIVITY AND PRECISION while using advance techniques and coordination. Our main focus is to make the will to INSIPRE others an incurable disease so that others may find their own method of happiness. Nerdz Dance Troupe anticipates to one day consume hip-hop dance as a potent method to inspire performance and to bring positive messages to diverse communities. <br /><br />|O.O|