Hi! I´m NeeneChan, <br />and here is all anime/maga what I seen and I love them all!!!(sorry my bad english): <br /><br /> Inuyasha (BEEEST) <br /> Neon Genesis Evangelion <br /> Lady Oscar <br /> Fruits Basket <br /> Peach Girl <br /> Bleach <br /> Oh my goddness <br /> Air <br /> FMP <br /> Mermaid´s forest <br /> Ranma½ <br /> Rurouni Kenshin <br /> Cowboy Bebop <br /> Vampire hunter D <br /><br />Movies & Shows: My fav movies are: Inuyasha movie 2 (and 3), King Kong (that monkey is cute), Titanic, Moulin Rouge, 007 Casino royale and Romeo+Julia <br />Music: My fav music is: Ayumi Hamasaki, Dir en grey, BoA, System of the down, Three days grace, my chemical romance ^u^