Nedy John Cross

Nedy John Cross started performing from the age of 4. His parents were both working actors in the musical theatre. Nedy recalls, “My mom took me to the shows every day, then one day I was on stage, and that was the start of it all. Every day after school I was classically trained in music school to play the piano and sing. <br /><br />Nedy’s music and producing skills have been sought after from all over the world. Film-makers and famous musicians from the USA are seeking his collaboration on many new projects. His latest completed project, the score to the Sci-Fi Feature Film, Humanity’s End, was been hailed by many as one of the better movie soundtrack albums of 2009. Featuring a live orchestra and choir, this soundtrack has opened the doors to many bigger projects in the years to come. <br /><br />“Getting the chance to work with the orchestra made me realize how connected I was to the music I rebelled against in my youth. Writing music for film offers so many different ways to communicate the emotions I want to convey. My focus now is to create more opportunities that will allow me to continue exploring this style of writing and continue my musical journey. Having my own production facility, and an amazing pool of talent at my disposal, makes me confident that this will happen.” <br /><br />“I can give only music, love and happiness. These things are real and come from my heart. I look into the future, and I feel energized.”