Nathalie Dubreu

In my dance improvisations, I focus on the human being transformative potential and the existence as a creation. I attempt to give form to the formless, revealing psychological states only perceptible by the senses. The motion I create is based on very subtle transitions using the darkness to reveal the lightness into a performance Art form. <br /><br />The interaction between time and lighting are at the centre core of my practice interest. This specific relation reinforces the sculptural quality of the movement I do, thus creating a poetic expressivity. <br /><br />In the first phase of development I work in studio, and then improvise gesture in site-specific environment reflecting on the space, the place, the people and the general atmosphere of the particular moment I am in. <br /><br />In a second phase of development, I devise visual performances focusing on producing a coherent whole, a turning inside-out and vice e versa, investing the relationship between the forms, the contents and the spectatorship. <br />Engaging the audience into a multi layered collage of expressions, stimulating spectator’s imagination and communicating universal emotions. <br /><br />