Nico Lee

<br />============= <br />..::Introduction::.. <br />============= <br />Hi, My Name is Nico and i will make Runescape Mini-games and Music videos. Please feel free to watch,comment,rate and enjoy! My Runescape Name is Naruto01911 NOT Naruto0191. <br />================ <br />..::Featured Video::.. <br />================ <br />My newest maxing video :) please rate and comment! <br /><br />====================== <br />..::Favorite RS Movie Maker::.. <br />====================== <br />My Favorite Movie Maker Would be Luckybucket! his editing skills are awesome! check his youtube videos at : <br />================= <br />..::Upcoming Videos::.. <br />================= <br />[RSMV] Skillet - Comatose <br />Progress: 2% <br />Ags Maxing Video <br />Progress: 95% (Publishing) <br /><br />========= <br />..::Goals::.. <br />========= <br />Fletching (71/99) <br />Woodcutting (73/99) <br />Attack (84/99) <br />Magic (74/82) <br /><br />=========== <br />..::RS Stats::.. <br />=========== <br />RSN: Naruto01911 <br />Combat Level: 101 <br />Total: 1371 <br />Hitpoints: 83 <br />Attack: 84 <br />Strength: 80 <br />Defence: 74 <br />Range: 80 <br />Magic: 74 <br />Summoning: 18 <br /><br />============ <br />..::Film Crew::.. <br />============ <br />Naruto01911 <br />Anil the man <br />Ailsa Craig <br />Callum 2a <br />Sayz2 <br />Kingmegaman3 <br /><br />============ <br />..::Milestones::.. <br />============ <br />None atm <br /><br />============ <br />..::Disclaimer::.. <br />============ <br />My videos are made from using videos taken in runescape. A registered trademark of Jagex LTD. I don't plan on making money or profiting in any way, i'm just making these videos for fun. You can play runescape too at http\\