NV Magazine, or New Vision in Business, is a national, bi-monthly, business magazine for urban professionals, entrepreneurs and forward thinkers. NV magazine is more than a business magazine for urban professionals. It is an entity unto itself, a business/lifestyle magazine targeted to the business professional, entrepreneur and forward-thinker. It's an innovative resource for financial knowledge and power with a glimpse at the individuals putting that power and knowledge to work. NV is designed to embody the thoughts, vision and intellect of today's urban professional and create pathways of success for the people that strive to be like them. <br /><br />This generation will earn more in a lifetime than their fathers and mothers. This is the generation that is the heart and soul of American culture through music, dance, sports and all forms of entertainment, and now business. We know that urban America is the source of billions of dollars of this nation's revenue. We know that it is our mission to have urban Americans recognized for their ability to create rather than their ability to consume. These are the "NVisionaries" who are changing the world. NV is written for and by this generation. <br /><br />www.NVMagazine.com