My Secret Island

MY SECRET ISLAND <br /> <br />Based in Berlin. <br />Genre: Alternative Rock , <br />Gothic Rock n Roll , Pop , <br />Progressive Rock , Punk , <br />Psychedelic Music , Hits <br /> <br />M.S.I. is extraordinarily unique. <br />A project which has touched <br />on a variety of musical worlds <br />from the very beginning. <br />The project first received <br />public attention in 2010 with <br />a limited EP called <br />“The First Stories”, featuring <br />an iconic version of the <br />classic “Riders on the Storm” <br />by THE DOORS. <br />__________________________ <br />“I miss the Day” single 2012 . <br />Longing and hoping to one day <br />meet the big love, which seems <br />almost out of reach. The single <br />features three diverting, <br />completely different versions of <br />“I miss the Day”. Included as <br />special bonus is the catchy rock <br />cover version of T. Roe’s “Sheila”, <br />a No. 1 hit from the 60s. <br />“I miss the Day” will be available <br />in digital and physical form in all <br />good shops. <br />_________________________ <br />"Evil Fire" limited promo CD <br />release 2013 . <br />_________________________ <br />Selftitled album release 2014 . <br />Available in all good download stores. <br />_________________________<br />"I Wonder" limited promo CD<br />release September 2014 <br /><br /> <br />Management/Press/TV/Communication: <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /><br /><br />