My Secret Island

Berlin, Deutschland
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Based in Berlin.
Genre: Alternative Rock ,
Gothic Rock n Roll , Pop ,
Progressive Rock , Punk ,
Psychedelic Music , Hits

M.S.I. is extraordinarily unique.
A project which has touched
on a variety of musical worlds
from the very beginning.
The project first received
public attention in 2010 with
a limited EP called
“The First Stories”, featuring
an iconic version of the
classic “Riders on the Storm”
“I miss the Day” single 2012 .
Longing and hoping to one day
meet the big love, which seems
almost out of reach. The single
features three diverting,
completely different versions of
“I miss the Day”. Included as
special bonus is the catchy rock
cover version of T. Roe’s “Sheila”,
a No. 1 hit from the 60s.
“I miss the Day” will be available
in digital and physical form in all
good shops.
"Evil Fire" limited promo CD
release 2013 .
Selftitled album release 2014 .
Available in all good download stores.
"I Wonder" limited promo CD
release September 2014


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