<br /> : Your work space everywhere ! <br /><br />With MyBooo travelling is easy, you don't need to any device to get your data. One password to access to all your applications combined in a single access... <br /><br />Need a document, learn the latest news, check your mails and access your community? Just need a computer with an internet connection and go! This is MyBooo's concept <br /><br />MyBooo is the 1st « access & log in» portal: a single access for all your files, applications and informations online: <br />- Store and centralize your data <br />- Share and exchange data with the MyBooo community <br />- View your multimedia images, sound and video <br />- Access your own RSS feeds <br /><br />All the storage, sharewares and communication applications are combined in one single, intuitive and flexible environment with a single password for all your services. <br /><br />Wherever you are, web coffee, office, with your friends, MyBooo gives you the possibility to work on line all your files and to synchronize it on your personal main computer. MyBooo has the same functionalities as PC (personalized desktop, icons, wallpapers selection,). MyBooo, is the universal and nomad office.