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London, United Kingdom
Artful Festival / Music Tourist Board
of Rocklands, Planet Water

Art Powered Music Collective of Uniqulture.

Artful? (October, annually, unity & fun & friend making via Entertainment & Exhibition)

Music Tourist Board? Not for profit disorganisation of Playing Class Friends.

Playing Class? Not about any kind of class other than having some, and playing!

Rocklands? Across the river from Docklands in London's South East X (aka Costa del Thames). Mix of gritty and pretty. Grown to an international Artbeat network of Uniqulture.

Planet Water. Parallel dimension where sixth sense of self expression's positivity exists.

Uniqulture? Multi dimensional one race (human) - like Multi Culture but without divisions.

All are invited. Share The Joy.


Music Tourist Board
The Decade With No Name theme has started it's first Artful. Bronze Year is ground level.

A year on from starting this page it's interesting to see how the talents are weaving into the tale of Planet Water

Once Upon Another Time
4 years ago by Music Tourist Board
Music Tourist Board
Artful Bronze Year

Welcome to The Decade With No Name
5 years ago by Music Tourist Board
Music Tourist Board
Music Tourist Board presents Artful - a selection of events between 1st and 31st October. On land and on line. The annual non conventional convention of entertainment and exhibition.
5 years ago by Music Tourist Board

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