Music Mosaic –"The Pulse of Global Harmony" <br /><br />Created in 2000, Music Mosaic, an independent Australian label, encourages all cultures and nations to live together respectfully on our planet Earth. You will hear multicultural musical expressions from diverse countries, yet the sounds flow together in harmony... like a beautiful mosaic! Each CD features exceptional songs on a specific theme from international artists. <br /><br />A Unique Multicultural Journey With Each Compilation <br /><br />Themes of Music Mosaic: <br />Ambient, didgeridoo, drumming, tribal, chillout, as well as healing, relaxation and mantras <br /><br />Every Music Mosaic compilation is the musical equivalent of a globe trotting world adventure. After choosing a theme, Ariel Kalma handpicks high quality tracks from a variety of international artists and weaves them together to provide an inspirational musical journey. From well-known artists like Deva Premal, Karunesh and Professor Trance to a plethora of undiscovered gems, these compilations offer some of the most inspired world music you can find. <br />