Muriel Esteban

The story of Muriel Esteban, electronic music composer, starts 20 years back near a sea coast, as a violin player. The beautiful sounds he discovered in classical music inspired his musical creations over the years. <br />Starting electronica composition on a simple Apple IIe, then on several synthesizers and computers, he has been using music to communicate to people outstanding emotions that words can't reach. <br /><br />His musical universe is often described as a surprising mix of Jean-Michel Jarre's electronica with Ennio Morricone's epic stories, powered by strong emotional ambiances found in Muse or Queen. <br />You can hear it on <br /><br />Thanks to a great diversity in his own musical preferences, Muriel writes music in a wide range of styles, including electronic, alternative, classical, trance, rock, tango, disco, gothic, ambient, world music, experimental. <br /><br />Muriel also organizes and performs light and music concerts, featuring his visual universe full of mystery and dreamlike horizons. <br /><br />Additionally, Muriel develops new ways to produce and distribute music in this changing industry: <br />* His music is in constant evolution, and every track may evolve and improve over time, producing different track versions. <br />* He breaks the music producer/consumer relationship by inviting fans to actively participate in the creation and evolution of his music. <br />* He provides master quality audio files to his fans, either online or physical. <br />* He produces his albums using only free or open source software, and actively defends music freedom. <br /><br />You can learn more about Muriel on or contact him there.