Shaun Orsalock JR

I am known as MrSo2976 on youtube. <br />I do a VHS openings and DVD openings. If you have a request for an opening, I will do my best to put it up. Also I think this will be my main account for dealing with videos because I think Youtube has started to move down hill real bad. <br />My favorite production companies <br />Miramax Films <br />Columbia-Tristar <br />Lionsgate (They own Prevue Guide) <br />Disney (Owner of Touchstone) <br />I do a video series called Sega CD openings. It demonstrates what a movie opening would look like if the Sega CD did movies. The openings I post on Youtube will be uploaded here too. <br />Private Non-Profit Companies <br />S VHS Preservation <br />(I collect and work with old VHS tapes)