Mr. Bobby Hendricks

Teaching people to barbeque has been a major focus of Barbeque Scientist and How to barbeque pioneer, MR. BOBBY QUE for more than 35 years. Legendary stars and celebs alike have called themselves privileged to have ever known Mr. Bobby Que and his most laudable craft. You may find yourself wondering who is Mr. Bobby Que. why haven't I ever heard of him? Well, that's also what we want to know! Before The Food Network ever existed, long before Bobby Flay, Paula Deen, Giada De Laurentiis, Sandra Lee, Martha Stewart, and anyone else for that matter, teaching barbeque that is. Mr. Mr. Bobby Que was the absolute first on TV and Talk Radio shows teaching people to barbeque. The world could find Mr. Bobby Que skillfully delivering his message, even before 1976. In a time when not just everyone was allowed to appear on television, Mr. Bobby Que demanded a place in a new but most deserving field. Teaching people to Que, was and will forever be a lulling melody to his soul. MR. BOBBY QUE takes great pride in sharing his remarkable gift with the world. <br />The Food Network and especially Bobby Flay should be consumed by shameful guilt for the constant production of raw and burned meat they force onscreen guest to endure, in the name of barbeque! If people were more honest with themselves they'd stop consuming indigestible meat, and speak more truthfully toward lousy barbeque. It has taken Mr. Bobby Que more than 35 years, and 7 years of that producing sorry barbeque like everyone else, before reaching the doctorate of master. It's been said the first step to recovery is to admit the fault. If this is true then 90% of the people are in barbeque denial. The sooner you become honest with yourself, the sooner Mr. Bobby Que will have you producing exceptional quality Que, each time you touch a grill! Guaranteed!!! <br />