Russian Sambo taught by Master Vladislav Koulikov. Regional Sambo Champion, USSR National Sambo Champion, USSR National Silver Medalist. 2008 USA Combat Sambo Team Member . & Lucas Morley, chief instructor of Ultimate Sambo Florida, has been training in the martial arts since 1985 starting out in Brazil with Judo. Lucas made his transition to Sambo in 2005, with Master Vladislav Koulikov of Ultimate Sambo. Lucas is now a Judo Black Belt and Sambo instructor under Master Koulikov. Lucas is the USA Wrestilng 2006 Sambo Nationals silver medalist, 2008 Florida State Sambo Champion (USAW), and 2008 Florida Sunshine State Games Sambo Champion (USAW). 2009 FIAS Sambo US Open Nationals Silver Medallist and US Team Member.