Hailing from the far shores of mainland China, Gary Fong arrived in North America at a young age. Brought up by the very Gods of commerce, Gary has known one thing his entire life. The sale. Gary's main goal in life is to help out one and all. By helping himself out. Be it leasing, financing, renting, immigration, emigration, taxes, electronics, green cards, business cards, business card design and of course, mango slices, Gary is there for you. <br /><br />Details of his personal life are spotty at best. Rumors point to his being a failed love child of a Russian oil Czar and an Emperor's daughter. Others think that he is the son of Chinese immigrants who own various laundromats and produce stores. Where ever Gary may have come from, one thing is to be certain. He isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Unless a better deal comes his way.