Rio Da Don

Rio Da Don is a Nashville, Tn Hip-Hop artist. He began his rap career at the age of 16 when he began recording mixtapes in his basement under the name "Lil Rio". At age 21(2006) he was arrested for Attempted Agg. Robbery,Conspiracy to sell marijuana & Attempted 1st degree murder on a law officer. After spending 15 months in D.C.S.O custody the charges were reduced and he was given a 3 year suspended sentence and released(December 18th 2007). He picked tha mic back up and finished the "Guero From The Ghetto" mixtape, However due to his lack of bieng able to conform to probation he was violated(2008). Upon hearing this he went on the run from law enforcement for a year and a half, In this time he created multiple hit tracks such as; "Bet ya can't do it like me,"Candy Paint Drip","She Bad" & "Jig On Em". He was apprehended on August 30,2009 and sentenced to 30 days in jail and then to be released on the same 3 year sentence. Back Out again he returned to the studio to finish a group cd entitled :The Chronicles Of Chaos Chapter 1 : Causing Chaos". When the cd was almost finished he violated probation once again, This time however Judge Fishburn forced him to flatten his sentence at CCA Metro Detention Facility. He was released on March 2nd 2011 without probation and continued to work towards finishing the group cd (Which due to circumstances was never released, but leaked on the net). On July 20th,2012 he caught an assault charge, He was released December 5th 2012. He is now currently working on several Mixtape and album projects due out late 2012. So if you like music that is a step away from the norm check out Ca$hville's Own Rio Da Don