Mr Mora

Born in 1974 in Rabat (capital of Morocco). Mr Mora, grew up in Marrakech, city where the worldwide cultures mix with the Moroccan traditions giving it a worldwide single character. In 1991, Mr Mora obtains his Bachelor diploma and integrates the Faculty of Science of Rabat. Concerned about environment degradation, he decided to study environment sciences. Ten years afterwards, he obtains his PhD and remains since then a convinced conservationist. <br /><br />Since he was a youngster, Mr Mora listened to all kinds of music, from classical ones to the darkest passing through the Blues, Jazz, R'n'B, Pop, Funky, Rap, Hip Hop, Arabic. His passion for music pushes him to organize and animate parties where he could bewith his friends, and it is there that he discovers his talent of being a producer. To make his friends feel the tracks in another way, Mora, still amateur DJ, acquired a computer, dating from prehistory and some audio softwares to be able to compile his tracks. And there, it happens! The desire for producing his own tracks took possession of Mora. <br /><br />Y2K! An era where things are moving fastly, new technologies are developed and EDM takes seat among the music of rising generation. Thus Mr Mora falls in love with IDM. Being of nature independent, he wants to be identified with a kind of music which shows at the same time his origins and involves them in this new era where we live.