Movieset, Inc. connects movie fans with filmmakers by creating and sharing behind-the-scenes video footage of movies in production plus interviews with directors, actors and film crews. Check out for unique Sitelets for thousands of films in all phases of production.


Movieset, Inc.
A handful of new Sweepstakes announcement videos now up - enter to win prizes. Also be sure to explore the back catalog of Behind the Scenes shows.
6 years ago by Movieset, Inc.
Movieset, Inc.
Populating the channel is taking time, but once we are up to date movieset will provide new daily updates with Interviews, Broll footage and clips from upcoming big blockbusters and small indie films, stay tuned
6 years ago by Movieset, Inc.
Movieset, Inc.
MovieSet is upping its DailyMotion presence 10fold! tune in this week for a TON of new exciting content!
6 years ago by Movieset, Inc.

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