Morris P Rainville

Country Music Singer/Songwriter <br />From Sudbury, Ontario, Canada <br /><br />Morris has had many songs charted in Canada and Europe during the 1990s and his music has been available on the Internet since the year 2000. At first it was on and now on, Revernation., youtube, Project Overseer and By May 2013, his Total Internet Plays & Downloads have passed 2.8 MILLION listens & views. <br /><br />His musical styles vary from Country to Bluegrass to Spiritual to French. Songs like Good Old Country Blues, The Mississauga Man, Would’a Been Here Much Sooner, In My Soul, Je Suis Allé En Ontario, Waiting Too Long and Always Hum A Song In My Soul have all spent time in the Top 10 and some of them reaching No. 1 in Europe, on and since December 2003, on