What's good world, this is Mercenary Tech. As A/V Engineer for Kingz Court Ent. my job is to turn people's ideas into finished projects. Mixing, sequencing, producing, editing, filming, mastering, creating, and directing is what I do best... <br /><br />Kingz Court Entertainment combines multi talented videograghers, writers, audio/video engineers, editors to create your song or video the way you want it. Whether it be a commercial or a live performance, we can fulfill your video production needs. Since I'm a studio engineer &amp;amp; video editor I meet and work with a lot of interesting people and I love whipping out the camera. So you'll see and hear various artist that I've worked with along the way. <br /><br />Multimedia Production Company <br />If You Need A Video Or Commercial Edited Call 615-692-1293 <br /><br />Tech's MySpace & Tagged Page <br /> <br /> <br /><br />Scrill's MySpace & Tagged Page <br /> <br /> <br /><br />KINGZ COURT "LIVE TV" <br /> <br /><br />Text KINGZCOURT to 69937 (For Hot Ring Tones & Videos) <br />