Transcripts: <br />Twitter: <br /><br />Daily Thoughts about important things in life. A-Z: Meditation, Music, Past Life, Reflections, Regression, Relationship, Relaxation, Self Improvement, Society, Spiritual World, Systems, Thoughts <br /><br />Primer DT-000:( <br /><br />Post Lectum/Scriptum: I need to think, ponder and reflect, what in life has an effect. I need to search and analyze without pause, which things matter and their cause. Whatever I find I will accept, adjusting my thoughts based on true facts. I will emerge, wise and ready, to be strong when life is not steady. Daily Thoughts by Mon Rasz – 05/2009 <br /><br />No Video? DT-031:( <br /><br />Isn’t it strange that my Daily Thoughts don’t contain pictures or video segments? After all, I’m posting them on sites that are set-up up especially for that purpose. So, why don’t I animate them – when it is pretty obvious that a lot more people would look at them? If you have listened to my sessions no 3 , Sounds, and no 21, Gladiator, you probably know already the answer ... <br /><br />Here is what is written on the notice of instructions for my Once Daily Thoughts sessions: <br /><br />For best results, listen to only one session per day, preferably an hour or two before bedtime while sitting comfortably in a reclining chair with dimmed light or candlelight in the room. Repeat the same session as necessary to unfold it’s true potential. The following side effects may occur, listed in alphabetical order: <br />Awareness, compassion, courage, emotions, enlightenment, feeling of freedom, growth, logic, love, progress, revealing truth, satisfaction, sense of life, & strength.