Mofilms is a non-profit independent media organization dedicated to making solution-oriented
documentaries about social and environmental issues. We make current, hard hitting, and
informative films that are distributed immediately for FREE, in order to inform the global public
about topics largely ignored by conventional mass media. We use cutting-edge technology to
make our films available to be downloaded for free from the web so any of the one billion and
growing members of the global public who have Internet access can view our films.
Mofilmsʼ free-flowing distribution method delivers the content on demand, 24 hours a day 365
days a year, The result is rapid global dissemination of high quality, conscious content, giving
people the opportunity to act on a current situation rather than viewing it later from a historical
perspective when it may be too late to act. To date our distribution successes include having
over 130,000 downloads of our films from individuals in over 130 countries.

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